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    • Stark forde

      SantaMedical TENS Unit Electrodes Pads 2x2 (40) Pcs Replacement Pads Electrode Patches for Electrotherapy

      About the product Premium Universal Compatibility Pigtail TENS unit pads are self adhesive reusable electrodes SantaMedical TENS Pads Medical Electrodes are FDA Cleared OTC with resealable packaging for durability TENS Electrodes Pads are used for electro stim TENS therapy like EMS ...

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      • Jessica Roggers

        SantaMedical TENS unit Pads are currently a Universal Standard

        The new and altered SantaMedical TENSPads are widespread and can fit in any TENS machine. The quality is choice be it the Electrode material, the adhesive  or the texture of the Pads. You need not Google how to make my TENS Pads sticky? any longer. The self adhesive  polymer Pads have 3...

        Tags: Tens Unit Pads, Reusable Electrode Pads, TENS Electrodes

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