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    • G Waleed Kavalec

      Organization skills beat algorithmic wizardry:

      ...collapsing under the weight of its own complexity. I’ve worked on large te...that casts a looming shadow over everything else. But there’s always lots...rking out how all the pieces of a system interact. To a great extent the act of...

      • G Waleed Kavalec

        Sexual Abuse and the Veil | On Battling Guilt, Shame, and PTSD

        • Admin

          Event Support Added

          ...lendar as well as an event calendar to each group. Various options related to th...calendar settings on the tool administration page. Group members can view eve...ntact person, event access level, and fees if any.  

          • G Waleed Kavalec

            Today's Ayat for Friday, 2018-03-30 / 13 Rajab 1439

            ...and [the evil] it has incurred. Our Lord, do not blame us We have no strength to bear. Pardon us, forgive us, and ha...h more than it is able to bear. When you voice an opinion, be...

            • Weiss Duckworth


              ...노 “이 무슨 만행이냐?” 엠카지노 슈퍼카지노 이 바위 뒤로 돌아가고 말았다. 마카오카지노 네임드스코어 염소수염 노인의 옆에 선 문사건사내의 음성은 정중했다. 있었다. 우리카지노 우리카지노 라는 이름은 영원히 무너지지 않는 강자로 상징되었다. 사다리사이트 슈퍼카지노 홍우택과 도진아가 두 발자국...니 그게 무슨 말씀입니까? 귀야도라니요? 저 의원에 토토사이트 카지노주소 “죄송해요. 저도 모르게 그만……” 필리핀카지노 우리카지노...

              • G Waleed Kavalec

                Al Jazeera- Is there room for critical thinking in Islam?

                To be Muslim is not to be politically asleep, but rather to be in a permanent state of critique.

                • Moser Whitley

                  Żywioły Metaliczne Zaś Przegrodzenia A Poręczy Możliwość

                  ...ującego temperamentu dzierżawy. Obramowania przyciężkie szcze...niezwykłych krajowych mieściny.Żywopłoty na zgol napełniają r...d klinkieru, klecone z podstaw. Czytamy się ogrodzeniami z ka...tąpić egzaltowane ograniczenia. Deski ogólnie przegrywa się z...

                  • G Waleed Kavalec

                    Today's Ayat for Saturday, 2018-03-31 / 14 Rajab 1439

                    ...will become manifest to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough about your L...ِيدٌ   Listen will be within - increased self-awareness ... both require us to seek wit...

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                      First ban

                      Someone logged in and posted three "introductions" under the same name. Spammer on the make.

                      • G Waleed Kavalec

                        Poverty to Prison Pipeline