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Ten thousand euros in prizes + SEOBOX products and the opportunity to work with the mega crack Jose Marquez:7000 eurazos for the winner + six months without SEOBOX cost + the possibility of working in PrensaRank. José Marquez wants to meet and cooperate with the winner of the contest, since he would undoubtedly recruit a huge talent :-)2000 euros for the second + three months without cost of SEOBOX1000 euros for the third + 1 month without cost of SEOBOXNOTA: The packages that are included in search engine positioning BOX are: RankBOX ADVANCE, CTRBOX five hundred, GEOBOX PRO, PINGBOX Advanced and TUBEBOX PRO.As you can see the prizes are quite substantial. If Jose Marquez Romero had started strong with his contest dinoRANK displaces you and thatteveo links you, Jose Marquez has surpassed it more than enough --> --> Now you can see the prizes offered by Jose Marquez in his contest and equate them with those of the marketer cantina: The prize has part of money in cash: one thousand five hundred euros500 euros in terms of links for the part of Queteveo6 months without cost to use Cantineo In addition to these cash prizes + search engine positioning products (Links and software).

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