What is the system of education?

When you’re looking to extend your help right up until it mends the life of the widest range possible of victims of countless wars in the Middle East, a massive-scale effort is necessary, and the help of various events must be supplied.


A true example of such an effort is the SIHO/UniRef collaboration with its main educational partner, Isra University, to set up a form of Higher Education where the curriculum is Persia and adaptable to the needs of younger refugees in the Jordanian-Emirati camp in The nike jordan.

Because of the project’s global background, the teaching is carried out in state-of-the-art methods taking place in classrooms inside the camping with the direct supervision of university teachers and instructors. These university programs will lead to degrees provided by the Ministry of Increased Education.

UniRef has outfitted the facility with computer bedrooms, USB keys and many more. College students will have access to one­year University Education in Computer Science, Mobile Engineering, or Logistic Management. In addition, partnering with the The nike jordan Red Crescent enabled SIHO/UniRef to offer 18­month vocational training programs in a selection of subjects from First Aid to Violence Prevention, with focus on providing education to the refugees as nicely as the host community in order to “promote a spirit of equality and tolerance”.


It’s a behavior for Emirati corporations to stand by such a quality step in lessening the burdens of refugees in the Emirati-Jordanian camp in Jordan. This aid emerged in the form of Al Badie Group providing financial help for the project as instructed by the group’s management and performed by its Chief executive officer & vice president Mister. Khaled Al Badie. Yvelyne Wood (SIHO/UniRef Cofounder) expressed the woman's deepest many thanks on behalf of UniRef, to Al Badie Group’s management for their invaluable support.

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