GURIN Cooler Ice Packs - Reusable Ice Packs

Enjoy a convenient way of keeping your food cool for prolonged periods with the GURIN Cooler Ice Pack! With 5 ice packs in each set, you’re sure to keep your snacks and drinks chilled for up to 8-12 hours in size-matched coolers. Each pack measures 7x7x3 inches, allowing it to fit in most standard-sized cooler bags, lunch bags, and boxes. Use it to cool sandwiches, salads, marinated steaks or meats, beers, sodas, and water. Want to save more on your next outdoor adventure? Then our cooler ice packs are the way to go! These ice packs pay for themselves. They will save you money from buying tons of ice cubes, save you effort in the recurring trips to the convenience store, and allow you to reuse the packs all over again. Visit Here :-

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