Migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird is now easier

If you are still sticking with the ancient method of migrating data from Apple Mail to Thunderbird, then it is time for you to experience something new.

You need to switch to Mail Extractor Max.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration made better

Migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird isn’t an easy task at all. And if you have tried it anytime in the near present then you may know it. Days of manually converting your data are now long gone. Methods of manual conversion are restricted by data size.

Using internet protocols you can transfer a small amount of data from one server to another. But since Apple Mail uses the local storage of your data for storing the data, therefore, it becomes harder to extract and transfer such huge amount of data from one account to another via internet protocols.

Plus, the format that Apple Mail stores its data is EMLX, which is a bit different from your the format in which Thunderbird stores its data. Therefore, you need to convert the data so that it becomes compatible with your Thunderbird account.

So, the big question is now how to migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird?

Mail Extractor Max: Your answer to how to migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Despite being one of the most famous email conversion processes, sadly there is no default way of migrating Apple Mail data to Thunderbird. You need to make use of third-party converter tools in order to achieve that perfect conversion process.

Mail Extractor Max is the best converter tool for you to carry out your Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration. Many experts and professional agree with that and have highly recommended the tool.

apple mail to thunderbird migration

The tool has the perfect balance of all the features required to make your conversion process quicker, smarter, more accurate and easier.

Make your Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration Bug free

A very common problem that you face while migrating Apple Mail to Thunderbird is that of incomplete conversion. Many a times it happens that ordinary converter tools fail to deal with some complex data structure and some of your important data gets left behind.

Well, with Mail Extractor Max you won’t face any such problems. The tool runs on one of the finest algorithms and converts all of the data present in the input file without any problems. The tool is able to convert Unicode data, attachments, images, double byte data and a lot more.

The problem of data being left unconverted becomes a thing of the past with this tool.

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Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration was never this easy

Ease is something that Mail Extractor Max brings to the table. The tool has one of the easiest to use interface. It makes carrying out Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration easier and quicker.

You don’t need any technical knowledge or expertise regarding the conversion process. The tool provides you with graphical interfaces at every point of the conversion process with instructions. You just need to follow the instructions and you’ll get the best conversion process of your life.

Want to try it yourself? Download the free trial of the tool today and get started with your conversion process at https://www.mailextractormax.com/.