Convert EML file to PST online conveniently

Mail extractor pro by usl software is designed to provide the most luxurious experience to convert EML files to PST open source. You can get the free trial version right now, it will give you an introduction to how amazing this software can be.

convert eml to pst

Convert EML to PST freeware for everyone

The intuitive interface of this software coupled with client-oriented features ensures the perfect session to convert EML file to PST online. The process of the conversion has been described below.

First the user would have to click on one of the buttons to choose which mail client they want to convert data from- apple mail, thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX or EML files. After the selection they can choose the files they want to convert and deselect those they do not want to. Additionally, one also gets the option to split the PST files in case they are large in size. Also, on clicking on the box on the right side one can set this software to ignore all the empty folders automatically. After all of these the conversion would be completed within a limited time period.

Expert at saving the users’ time

Using this software to convert EML file to PST means that one would also be saving a lot of time. The first factor determining this is the ability of this software to convert data directly in the mac device. As there is no need to carry the data to windows, as was traditionally the case, a lot of time is saved.

Another factor contributing to the fast speed is the ability of the software to convert data fast is bulk conversion. As this software converts several files in a single batch, there is no need to repeatedly carry the same process.

Great at data safety

There is no need to take any additional precautions to keep one’s data safe when using this software. This software is designed to handle all types of data without any difficulty, even non-English ones. So, this software being compatible with Unicode would be able to convert files that are in languages such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese without any assistance.

It is also safe for all types of metadata. The user can expect all parts of the body of mail data to remain intact when one uses this software, from the subject, date and read/unread status to attachments and nested messages.

Arranges folder hierarchically

After the conversion the user will find their files arranged in the perfect hierarchical order from folders to subfolders. This not only keeps the screen clutter-free, it also makes it easy for one to locate the files when needed.

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