Convert MBOX to PST with expert-like elegance.

Mail Extractor Pro is quite capable not only to convert MBOX to PST but also to provide to you the finest mail conversion experience. First of all, it is free of anything which  might result in incomplete conversion or corruption of data. In fact, it has got the solution to the root causes of those problems. It also provides a very comfortable space for you to convert your data even if you have no prior experience of the same or are lacking the knowledge or technical expertise.

convert mbox to pst

Best way to convert MBOX to PST free of troubles

You can rid yourself of all the troubles associated with the process to convert MBOX to PST once and for all with this expert software. It has been prepared keeping in mind all kinds of users and their specific needs, so all of them would be met with without any restrictions. If you want to try out the software, you can get a free trial version below.

Direct service to convert MBOX to PST in the mac itself

Save yourself from the trouble of extensive mail conversion service using this software. As it requires only the mac device to convert your data, you save yourself from a lot of extra effort and of course save your time too. Due to this facility, the number of steps involved in the conversion process are much lesser, so the process is quite fast.

Another factor which speeds up the process of the conversion is the capacity of this software to directly convert multiple files in a single batch. This facility is relevant to all kinds of data. Also, while selecting the database for the conversion, the software skips the empty folders automatically, keeping the output much neater.

Never unassisted with this user-friendly interface

You can prevent the usual learning curve involved in the process to convert MBOX to PST. The interface of this software will provide you with the guidelines you need to responsibly convert data. The steps are just a few and the instructions provided quite clear, so you do not have to worry about any of the complex  bits. It owns the responsibility and provides you with the help you need in mail conversion at each step.

Fast and safe service

This software is eligible to convert data from all sources, you can completely rely on it to convert data collected from over years. To speed up the conversion process, you can also make use of the batch conversion method. As it is compatible with double-byte characters, you can rely on it to keep data of all sorts of languages safe.

It is free of bugs so you do not have to face the probability of your software crashing or stopping. Also, it prevents any sort of mix-up or delay when it comes to metadata and attachments.

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