Simplifying you Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion with the best solution out there!

Not getting the desired results or struggling with your Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion is a very genuine and common problem. You may work on it for hours and still make no progress. If any of these statements resounds with you, then this article is for you. In this article, you’ll get to know about the best way of converting Mac Mail data to Outlook.

Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion: The Obstacles

Migration of data is a complex task. Add the sensitivity of email data to it and it becomes even harder. Especially, when you need to migrate the data between two email clients that have nothing in common.

Like the case with Mac Mail and Windows Outlook. Both the email clients operate on a different operating system. Mac Mail runs on MacOS and well, Outlook prefers Windows. They even use a completely different format for storing their data. This makes the process of exporting your data tedious, complex and tiring.

You even end up with partial of incomplete Mac Mail to Outlook conversion processes. But no more. USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro is the solution for this problem.

Mail Extractor Pro: The ideal way to go about your Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro is another fine product from the leading innovation firm in email solution business, USL Software. The tool follows in the footsteps of previously released gems by the firm and provides you with an unmatchable experience.

mac mail to outlook conversion

It easily migrates your data from the MBOX format of Apple Mail Mail to PST format of Windows Outlook. The features that the tool provides gel together very well to give you a conversion solution that makes Mac Mail to Outlook conversion easier and better.

Autoload your Mac Mail database

The tool skips a whole lot of unnecessary tasks generally involved in the conversion process. Now you don’t need to export the data from EMLX files or go through the complex of archiving it to MBOX files.

All you need to do is select the autoload option in the menu. After this the entire work is done automatically done by the tool. It targets the source files and extracts all the data directly from the identity folder of your email client. It directly starts to ship out PST files with converted data, thus, saving you the time and effort that would have gone in manually loading the files for conversion.

This makes your Mac Mail to PST conversion faster, accurate and more efficient.

Unmatchable Conversion Accuracy

Conversion accuracy of this tool is one of its outstanding features. The tool converts everything that is present in your input files. Ranging from the small details like calendar and contacts data to large images, the tool converts it all.

It overcomes the problem of incomplete or partial conversion processes. It even provides native support for formats like Unicode and double byte characters. This helps you in achieving a flawless Mac Mail to PST conversion where all the data is preserved, and its integrity is maintained.

Download it to convert Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX to Outlook (PST) and get your hands on all this and a lot more.