Convert any mail to PST format with expert aid

Now you can convert mails in the comfort of your home with all the advanced services without even needing expert guidance. The Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software is an all-in-one device which solves every hindrance in the mail conversion process with its technologically updated features. It converts Apple Mail/ Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, and import MBOX to Outlook PST format with accuracy. It is the best tool in its segment with its intuitive interface and advanced features.

Premium qualities of the Mail Extractor Pro:

What makes the Mail Extractor Pro different from any other mail client is the number of enhanced features it provides in the mail conversion process. Its features shine brilliantly in contrast to the archaic features of ordinary mail converters. The end result provided by this tool is fast, accurate and to the point. It allows the users to split large PST files to get more accurate results.

mail to pst

The bulk conversion technique is a technological innovation which lets the users of the tool convert as many files as they want, in one go. It simply collects several files together and puts them forth for conversion, converting them all with equal efficiency. The collection of the files in batches for conversion ensures that more number of files is converted in lesser time.

Another appealing quality of this tool is the intuitive interface. The interface of the tool is quite user-friendly and guides the users at all steps of the conversion. Explanatory screens with instructions are provided at each stage of the conversion so that the user doesn’t feel confused at any point. The installation of the tool is equally easy.

If you are tired of arranging your files after every mail conversion, the Mail Extractor Pro is here to help you. Once this tool is done converting the files, it arranges the files responsibly in well-ordered stacks. Thus, the client is freed from the responsibility of converting mails and then arranging the files according to hierarchy. This tool always maintains the hierarchy of the files during conversion so that the client doesn’t face difficulty while searching for mails.

The clients can also rely upon this tool to provide them with the results unaffected by corruption or with any hint of modification. This accuracy is thanks to the ability of the tool to preserve Unicode components. While other tools simply turn files in non-English languages into junk, this tool preserves such files in their intact state. The same goes for files with metadata and headers, they are all kept in their original state.

Interested people can first try out the demo version of the tool which is available for free. It provides access to all the premium features of the tool and lets clients convert mails to check the features. It is an excellent mini model of the tool.

Contact our experts for more information on the tool or for any kind of help. We are available 24*7 for your queries and feedbacks.