Choosing a Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Selecting face cleanser sensitive skin can be a problematic thing. Various face washes may be harsh even for the toughest skin. Synthetic cleansing ingredients are really nothing more than chemical detergents that are sold as face cleansers. Several of those ingredients are also frequently found in dish washing detergent or garage floor cleaners. Therefore it is no surprise then that so often skin products create problems. So let us do two things today. Let us examine what gentle skin is, and let’s examine very good face washes.

Sensitive skin may be skin that is irritated, or prone to reacting to the environment. It may also be dry skin as an underlying issue, or oily skin may cause the skin to become sensitive. So the first step is to figure out what type of skin you actually have. Usually, choosing a cleanser for sensitive skin will address almost all of the primary issues. A good cleanser for gentle complexions will be both gentle and effective. It needs to gently cleanse away surface impurities minus the addition of synthetic detergents that will only serve to continue to irritate the skin. It must also be made with botanical ingredients that do truly clean the skin.

The current favorite sensitive face wash is from Russell Organics. The Russell Organics Gentle Face Wash is a creamy textured face wash full of beneficial botanical ingredients that each serve to cleanse, tone, and nourish the skin. From mildly cleansing the surface impurities, the Gentle Face Wash removes a key source of inflammation problems. Then with the use of Aloe Vera and Rose Oil the face wash nurtures the skin.

A final thought about face washes. Most of them have ingredients that shouldn’t actually be used on your complexion. It’s no coincidence that there is an increase in skin sensitivity. Just because a chemical can strip off oily issues on the skin does not mean it should be used for skin care. Most of the synthetic ingredients used find their way into the body and can actually bio-accumulate over time. By using an organic oriented product, one can be relieved by the fact that harmful toxins are being avoided.