Advice on good C++ courses

I'm working in London since an experienced python developer and Linux methods boss, and have recently also been asked whether I'd just like to do a couple of training because my department's got a few funds to reduce. I've got a strong background in web technologies, although my personal Java is pretty bad and my C++ is definitely nonexistent. c++ bootcamp london seems for you to be an excellent option to fix that; partly to improve my employability nevertheless mainly to get a good, sound understanding associated with an important vocabulary.

To the end, I was wondering anybody here has any pearl jewelry of wisdom in the following:

- Which C++ training are effectively considered? Preliminary research features turned up the CPA plus CPP courses function simply by Pearson and the C++ company, although really already been difficult to acquire out if this is decent while I keep coming up with their very own press discharge instead of any impartial evaluation.

- Which courses / training would a person consider, if money was no item? I've also been looking in often the Pink Hat Certified engineer qualification, some of Oracle's Coffee beans certs etc, but I am open to ideas.

In case whatever comes to mind, I'd be gracious in order to hear your thoughts!