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    Cote Logan
    By Cote Logan

    Safe, rapid, effective: LASIK is your refractive surgery technique which allows individuals with myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism to eliminate the annoyance of eyeglasses and contact lenses forever and to regain a superb visual ability.

    Practically painless, operation with the LASIK technique generally has no post-operative complication and permits the patient to return to social and work life speedily.

    What is LASIK (painless)
    The LASIK technique (acronym of Laser-ASsisted In situ Keratomileusis, laser assisted in situ keratomileusis) is now the most frequently used procedure in the entire world to correct refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

    To perform the operation on the cornea the surgeon uses an excimer laser that, being exceptionally secure as it's now in its second generation, emits a beam of ultraviolet light. The high energy of ultraviolet light enables cold evaporation of very thin layers of cornea, in a very targeted manner, and the consequent variation of the corneal curvature with definitive elimination of the visual flaw

    The excellent advantage is that the laser using very low penetrating power in biological cells doesn't harm the underlying tissue.

    No scalpel is employed

    It is painless
    How to perform an LASIK technique
    In the LASIK procedure the action of the Laser is completely guided by a computer that implements the data determined by the surgeon with nanometric precision.

    The operation takes place under topical anesthetic (in other words, the individual is given a few drops of anesthetic eye drops) in many phases:

    Employing the Femto Laser the surgeon makes a thin hinged part of the cornea, known as"corneal flap";
    Increased this flap, the Excimer Laser is triggered that reshapes the cornea correcting the refractive flaw;
    At the end of the procedure the flap is repositioned without the need for sutures and the individual can quickly go home wearing a pair of dark glasses.
    Total period of this intervention: approximately 10 minutes.
    I need to search for glasses or put those annoying contact lenses.
    You'll see straight away!
    Characteristics of this LASIK intervention
    The LASIK procedure, despite being a more complex process by the PRK technique and the LASEK technique, is different from those above all in the postoperative phase which is particularly rapid and almost always without any pain.

    Right after the treatment, the eye does not present particular disturbances, allowing a rapid functional recovery from the first hours. The vision continues to improve and the final settlement is normally finished in a couple weeks.

    After LASIK surgery
    On the first day following surgery with LASIK technologies, the patient shouldn't stress his eyes. It's not essential to remain in the dark, but it's very good to avoid activities where the view would be fatigued such as working on a computer or watching tv.

    It's absolutely essential, regardless, to carefully follow the instructions of the surgeon regarding both postoperative therapy and the tests to be completed in the period following the operation.

    It's likewise advisable to protect the eyes with sunglasses even in the following months.

    Possible dangers of this intervention with LASIK technique
    The procedure has an superb safety profile, but in rare instances complications may happen that include infections or night warmth. A small fraction of individuals may need further improvement, or a"touch-up" procedure, a couple of months after the first LASIK surgery to accomplish superb visual acuity.

    As soon as they reach the age of 40, many individuals might also need reading glasses, as a result of presbyopia, a natural and progressive reduction of age-related vision.

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