Home Oxygen Saturation Monitor Reviews

Monitoring blood oxygen levels
For those experiencing perpetual lung sicknesses like an unending obstructive pneumonic infection (COPD), checking your oxygen level is an essential segment of a successful treatment technique. An oxygen immersion meter, or heartbeat oximeter, is an incredible method to remain over your blood oxygen level. Heartbeat oximeters are anything but difficult to utilize, non-obtrusive and compact. Be that as it may, not all heartbeat oximeters are made an equivalent. We have taken the mystery out for you and assessed the best oximeters available. Look at our home oxygen immersion meter reviews below.
How does pulse oximetry work?
Before we get into the details, let’s talk about what oximeters are and how they work. When you breathe oxygen into your lungs, it passes through your lungs and into your bloodstream. The majority of the oxygen attaches to hemoglobin (a protein located inside of your red blood cells) and is transported to all of the tissues in your body via the bloodstream. An oximeter is clipped onto a body part like a finger or ear lobe and measures the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. The device shoots light through one side, and the other side reads how much light shines through your skin. Oxygen-rich hemoglobin absorbs more light, so the less light that makes it through your ear lobe or finger, the more oxygen you have in your bloodstream. The pulse oximeter measures the light and converts the information into a digital readout. This helps lung disease sufferers understand when they need to use supplemental oxygen.
In addition to pulse oximeters, another tool that you can use is a pulse oximeter app that you can download on your smartphone. The app is $2.99 and requires no additional equipment. Click here to view in the iTunes app store and for a quick description as to how it works.
When living with chronic lung disease, symptom management is key to handling the disorder. Utilizing a pulse oximeter helps you keep your eye on your oxygen level and allow you to supplement accordingly.