A Few Easy Tips for Tire Maintenance

Not all drivers realize it, but there's more to maintaining tires than just filling up with air periodically at the gas station when the check tire light comes on. Maintaining tires is just one important step that drivers must take in order to ensure their passengers' safety and their own while they are on the road, though. That makes it important for readers to learn the ropes when it comes to tire maintenance.

When to Rotate

Some readers have likely been advised in the past that they should consider having their tires rotated. Rotating tires helps to make sure that all of them are wearing at the same rate, but how often is it really necessary? used tires sacramento say that tires must be rotated every 5,000 to 7,000 miles for maximum effect.

Where to Put New Tires

Drivers who are heading to a Sacramento Tire Shop but can only afford two new tires should always make a point of having them installed on their rear axles. This will help them maintain traction and avoid spinning out on wet roads. It's important to note that it really doesn't matter whether cars are front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive. The rear tires should still be prioritized, regardless.

How to Determine Recommended Tire Pressure

Tires that don't have enough air in them tend to lose their grip on wet roads, which can put drivers and their passengers in danger. Not all tires have the same recommended pressure levels, though. Drivers can check to find out how much pressure their individual tires need by checking their car owners' manuals or the stickers in their car doors.

When to Check Tire Pressure

Just about every driver who owns a modern car knows that the check tire light comes on when the tire pressure is noticeably off. cheap used tires sacramento doesn't mean they're off the hook when it comes to routine tire pressure checks, though. All drivers should still check their vehicles' tire pressure before every long trip or at least once a month if they only drive short distances.

Checking the tire pressure at the right time is essential to get an accurate reading, as well. Many drivers just head to the gas station and use their machines to check their tire pressure, but this can actually cause an inaccurate reading. Instead, spend americas tire sacramento on a pressure gauge that can be used at home and check tire pressure in the morning while the tires are cool for more accurate results.