Why Every Orthodontist Should Use Digital Study Models

Digital study models have become an invaluable tool in the fields of dentistry and Orthodontics. Although not all orthodontists can afford to purchase brand-new scanners, just about any practice can still take advantage of digital modeling. Read on to find out about wendling orthodontics of the benefits of jumping on board with this important industry trend.

Just as Reliable as Traditional Molds

Digital models have been proven to be just as reliable as their traditional plaster predecessors. In no gaps dental bondi junction to being just as accurate and reliable, though, they're also easier to reproduce.

Less Expensive Than Many Readers May Assume

Think making the switch to digital study models will be too expensive? Orthodontists who prefer to continue using alginate impressions can still take advantage of digital study models without having to purchase a scanner. They can simply send their impressions to a specialized processing center to have them transferred to a digital medium.

peter grant orthodontist From Anywhere

Once the information has been uploaded in the form of digital study models it can be viewed from anywhere on any internet-ready device. This makes it much easier for orthodontists to share information with their patients, their patients' dentists, and other oral healthcare providers.

Fast Access

An orthodontist who has sent an alginate impression in to be converted into a digital study model can expect to receive the results within five to seven business days. At this point, these professionals can use the free browser-based software provided by the imaging company to access their images.

No Shipping Fees

Orthodontists' offices that participate in this program will be able to send in impressions without worrying about shipping fees. It should, however, be noted that if they choose to use non-disposable impression trays they will have to pay 75 cents per tray for cleaning and shipping to get them back. Still, these costs are negligible, especially in comparison to the cost of purchasing a digital scanner.

Several Finish Options

There are several finish options available ranging from rough finish to full finish. Both rough finish and semi-finish images can be upgraded to full finish at any time for an additional fee.

HIPAA Compliant

All finished images are transmitted via a HIPAA compliant server, which means that patient information will be protected at all times and doctors will not be placing themselves at risk of HIPAA violations. Those who want to learn more about this impressive service can find additional information at https://www.myorthoselect.com/digitalstudy-models today to get started.