The ten more essential things you can do to achieve more likes from YouTube

Before to give you these incredible tips, I want that you know in what way YouTube classifies your videos . Knowing that will help understand and recall more simply the essential tips that will show later in this publication.
So, what are the basic concepts of the YouTube page ranking?
Well, there are 4 main elements that determine your YouTube rank:
Your meta tags.
The amount of likes that the video has.
The number of positive ratings that the video has.
The amount of comments that the video has.
The more likes , comments and ratings you have, the more likes get.
It's like a snowball little by little more big, rolling more and more fast . But the snowball must first start rolling, and this accustomed to being the most problematic part, since it could take a long time .
The most important is to concentrate on giving the ball the light thrust that accurate to start rolling, and once it does. .. slowly will take momentum and will thrive big}.
These ten secrets amazing will help you ... create a serious MOMENT for your videos:
Note: If your video atufa according to your standards, there is no purpose to promote it because the final result always and at all times be the same , the people that detests, to , your video and your website . This can only bring short-term success, and we do not want that, right? ?

1) Make many friends

See your videos, classify them and give commentaries, just make sure to do the same with theirs. This is something enjoyable by the fact that truly you met new people and made new friends really.

2 ) Create discussions

Put a little of text at the end of your video .
Something like :
- Who think you lies more, men or rather women?
- Do you think you astrology is objective? (Bad example that I know: p)
Put something that is connected to the theme and involves you.
Something that will make people sign up for a YouTube account if they do not have one, only so that they can post a comment on your video?

three) Answers in video

Perform the replies in video to the videos with a high rank and many views. This element is very simple and effective. You get a part of traffic from someone who has a video affine to yours.

4 ) Be consistent

Add videos regularly , more not too often: do you like like when you receive spam? I do not think so.
With what halle the Sweet Spot, for me it's like uploading video every eight days.

5 ) Be addictive

Make people want to come again and again, give them an interesting experience the first time and they will want to relive it. This also improves the chances of them leaving a comment or a rating on their video.

6 ) Ask people to rate and comment on their videos.

Get more views of youtube by asking for them. It's as simple as that, just ask at the end of your video. There was an appointment: "Ask and you will receive" Say something like:
I would really appreciate it if you leave me a comment and rating sincere .

7 ) Optimize your labels

Make sure your labels are not too general. If you want a great success , you must have the concrete and general tags.
Why ?
The general and extensive tags are truly competitive, more produce the most traffic (if it is classified well), at the step that tags concrete have a LOW competition or NONE (and produce a quantity of traffic significantly smaller, more is more easy to classify them in manner appropriate ). This means that we can use the concrete tags to get the instantaneous momentum, start with a smaller snowball and then let it roll to the general tags where it can {get | get yet more traffic, which transforms the snowball into a monster the size of a bear .

eight) Optima your YouTube channel.

There are two things that we want to take care of.
First is the design of the channel. Do not leave it by default. Experiment with it, halle the design that truly rumble with what you are presenting.
The second thing you want to do is compose your author biography. Write about or your product in detail.
If writes for your product, type:
The reasons why which people accurate your product.
The things you can do for them.
What will they lose if they do not achieve it?
For what reason is it better than others in the market?
If you you write about yourself, write about:
His hobbies.
Your education
Where do you live.
Your mission, the reason why are here .

9 ) Test the software that gets YouTube views automatically .

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10 ) Get in the most viewed

If you arrive there, you'll get | automatically | automatically | tons of ratings and comments. (assuming you have acceptable quality Get more YouTube views and Get YouTube Meddalvideo) The way more simple to arrive here is buy youtube views cheap and enter the category more view. Even you can get a YouTube medal (award) :)
Use this now and go to generate results.