The 8 Character Traits of Successful Veterinarians

    Juarez Melvin
    By Juarez Melvin

    Character Trait #1: Sales Focused

    Successful veterinarians in any type of practice realize that 99% of their success or failure comes from the ability to successfully sell their product or service. Telephone conversion is simply salesmanship. Thus it is essential to learn and focus on developing your staff's sales skills on the telephone of your practice. Top practice achievers use the telephone and make personal calls, if necessary, to build trust and make sales.

    Character Trait #2: Strong Belief

    The top successful practice owners believe in themselves. They believe in their products, their services and their clients. And they believe in the power of information to change lives for the better.

    Character Trait #3: Results Oriented

    They know that every ad placed, every postcard sent and every phone call brings them one step closer to creating a sales formula they can use over and over again. They understand that there are no failures in marketing or telephone conversion, only results. That's why they continually monitor their progress, test new ideas continually and learn from everything they do.

    Character Trait #4: Persistence

    Many a talented person ends up on the scrap heap of life. Sylvester Stallone the movie star was rejected by over 300 agents before he found success. Every dynamic Gold Medal winner or top athlete persists through the hard time of training and disappointments. The greatest reason for failure in telephone conversion and marketing in your practice is giving up. Not persisting, not testing, not selling vet marketing enough until success is found. You must make an absolute commitment to keep going until you succeed.

    Character Trait #5: Fun and Friendly

    People love buying from people they trust and have fun with. If your clients are laughing, they are buying. Telephone conversion can be fun. Your practice is part of life (a big part for most people) - the more fun you have the more success you'll have, the more sales you'll make. Don't even think of talking to clients unless you are having fun and can put a smile on your face.

    Character Trait #6: Have a Purpose

    It is vital that you develop a purpose; a reason why, a grand quest that drives you every day. Something that gets you out of bed and keeps you going all day long - even if you are not making a cent.

    My purpose is to change people's lives for the better, to bring more joy, peace and compassion to the world. To make my own life an example others can follow. What will drive you? Your family? Your religious beliefs? Your determination to create a better world? Or desire to be a better parent? No matter what it is, make sure you find something that becomes your driving purpose!

    Character Trait #7: Honesty and Trust/Dependability

    All successful veterinarians deliver on their promises. The main reason why people won't buy your product or service is because they don't trust you. Trust has to be earned. Every call, every letter, every postcard, every personal contact builds the trust and gets you one step closer to creating the lifestyle you are after. Keep your word and do as you promise and your sales (and happiness) will soar.