Bandanas - The Best Way to Keep Your Pet Cool

    Martens Hardison
    By Martens Hardison

    During the hot summer months our pets are prone to overheating even more than we are. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to provide fresh clean water and shelter from the sweltering heat, but did you know one of the best way to help keep your dog cool is to purchase a simple bandana. Bandanas come in many forms however one of the best simply slips over your dogs collar so it stays in place. They are also very economical at under five dollars a piece.

    This inexpensive solution is easy to use. Simply, moisten the bandana by running it under cool water and ringing it out. Apply to your dogs collar and enjoy your walk together.

    These work much like a personal air conditioner. Air flows through the cotton fabric being quickly cooled by the water residing there. Keeping your best friend nice and comfortable until it completely drys. They can then easily be remoistened with your own water bottle. It does not take a lot.

    Bandanas are a stylish alternative you can usually pick up for under five dollars that both help your four legged friend regulate his temperature while you are out and about, they are also very stylish. They certainly make even the most frightening breeds seem just adorable not to approach as well.

    Please do not forget your pets this summer. cat bandanas will quickly over heat and are easily susceptible to heat strokes. Please never leave your pet unattended in cars or outdoors during these hot summer months. They love and depend on you for their comfort.