Halloween is merely a few days away, and for those of you who don’t have a costume yet and want something simple yet Halloween-y, zombies are a no-brainer. Ha! No brains. See what I did there? ????

You will find loads of zombie cosmetic tutorials on YouTube, so I’m not going to get into how I drew my face. What I'll do is show you which lashes were used for this look, and just why I used not one, but THREE different pairs.

But before we begin…
I wrote articles a while back again giving 3 insanely practical and little-known tips on How to Wear Color Lashes. And I simply realized I adopted those 3 tips in chronological order. Cool.

3 tips for using costume eyelashes

I'll just tell this now: If you’re wearing fake lashes for Halloween this year, you want to read that post if you haven’t done so already. You kinda might regret not having browse the article when Halloween party rolls around… Just declaring.
Here’s the hyperlink again:
Anyway, back again to creating that zombie eyes:

Lash #1: The base lash
What’s a base lash, you say?

Basics lash is a set of “normal,” non-costume falsies (we use our Human Locks lashes) that are worn under costume lashes to bring definition and depth to the eyes. Read more about it here. Trust me, it makes an environment of difference.

Because of this look, I used Elegant Lashes® #003 Black False Eyelashes as my platform lash:

Elegant Lashes® #003 Dark False Eyelashes

I chose this as the bottom lash because it looked quite like the glow-in-the-dark costume eyelash I would wear: Elegant Lashes G234 “Shine Stixx” Eyelashes.

Elegant Lashes G234 “Glow Stixx” Glow at night False Eyelashes

Obviously, you don’t need to wear a base lash for every costume look, but I at first tried my zombie look with just the black-and-white G234 “Glow Stixx” eyelash, and yes, it looked very, very nice …

halloween costume eyelashes

…but I knew I possibly could do better. The lashes look awesome, but I want perfection, and the sight just weren’t as open up as I'd have liked. I blame it on the white glow-in-the-dark strips of the eyelash - white eyelashes only need a way of final your eyes like this. So I travelled forward and applied the #003 Black lashes as a base lash. Like I said, it made a world of difference. (Photo should come later. Be patient.)

Lash #2: The under lash
I’ve said this before, however when you’re heading all out with a dramatic costume look, you CAN’T FORGET YOUR UNDIES. If you’re going going heavy with the makeup and lashes on top, PLEASE balance out the look with something on the bottom. I used #502 Dark Under Lashes for my zombie sight:

Elegant Lashes® #502 Dark False Under Eyelash

If you normally can’t wear under lashes, Halloween is time for you to experiment with bottom level falsies. The makeup’s crazy, and no one’s judging, so you might as well go crazy with the lashes, too!

Here’s what the eye looks like with just the base lash at the top and the under lash on underneath:

incorrect under eyelashes and flared top artificial eyelash

The under lashes on the bottom look awkward and heavy now, but it will balance out the top-heavy lashes when they come.

And here they come:

Lash #3: The costume lash… applied on the crease
costume false eyelashes

Yay, perfection! Costume eyelashes are the perfect completing touch to your Halloween costume, so make sure you’re making use of them right! Often, you’ll look sleepy, your eye will feel fatigued and uncomfortable, and you also won’t celebrate. ????

Follow these 2 tips to start the sight if you’re wearing heavy/colorful fraudulent lashes for Halloween:

Wear basics lash. I understand I sound like a broken record, but… it really, really does make a world of difference, especially if you’re putting on lighter-colored lashes. The base lash truly opens up the sight.
Apply the large costume false eyelash on your CREASE, not on your natural lash line. Costume lashes are big and heavy, plus they won’t feel safe when applied the same way that normal falsies are applied. This all has to do with leverage and physics. Place the heavier costume lashes further/higher from the lash series (I place my false lashes on my crease) to adopt the weight from the eyelid and also open up the eyes.
End result:
Halloween costume eyelashes, zombie make-up look, black colored and white fake eyelashes

Halloween glam zombie cosmetic using THREE false eyelashes: a thick human head of hair bottom lash, false bottom lashes, and of course, the costume eyelashes at the top!

Here’s the zombie looking at the ground and that means you can easily see her awesome eyelashes better:

Halloween glam zombie eyeball cosmetic costume false eyelashes

I believe these black and white eyelashes will also work great with a skeleton look. ????

And since Halloween is more of an night-time occasion….. You can’t forget about the glow-in-the-dark part of the G234 “Glow Stixx” Shine at night lashes:

Elegant Lashes® G234 “Glow Stixx” glow at night bogus eyelashes in dark-colored light

This is Elegant Lashes® G234 “Glow Stixx” glow in the dark false eyelashes in black light. Aren’t they so magnificent??

And here’s what they look like on a person:

glow in the dark false eyelashes_halloween rave costume

Contrary to popular belief, this photo is totally unedited (except for cropping) and was taken with one simple black lamp in a dark room. Yeah, these shine at night eyelashes are that amazing. They look so magnificent under black light. Ideal for if you’re going out dancing… X)

Another photo of the glow in the dark eyelashes in dark light:

glow in the dark false eyelashes zombie makeup
Shy zombie.
Just to set the record upright, you don’t need costume eyelashes to make a Costume look. The zombie look can be achieved with non-costume lashes, also.

Here’s a top-down view of the same zombie makeup look, using only two eyelashes this time around: #061 Black False Eyelash at the top, and #502 Black Under Lashes on the bottom (both of these are 100% Human being Hair).

thick long drag queen fraudulent eyelashes

zombie makeup halloween costume ideas

Wow, I look specifically dead in that last photo.

Expectation this inspired some of you to come out of your safe place and test out multiple lashes/under lashes/costume lashes. Keep in mind, enjoy your looks - on Halloween, anything moves!

One very last thing
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